Movie Cards

    1.        Judge Dredd ( Art by Liam Sharp)                                                                            64.      Johnny Biker (Art by Dean Ormston)

    2.        Judge Dredd (Art by Simon Bisley)                                                                           65.      Otto Sump (Art by Ron Smith)

    3.        Judge Dredd (Art by Dean Ormston)                                                                        66.      Judge Fire (Art by Dean Ormston)

    4.        Judge Dredd (Art by Charles Gillespie)                                                                     67.      Mechanismo (Art by Colin MacNeil)

    5.        Judge Dredd (Art by Greg Staples)                                                                           68.      Project X (Art by Carlos Ezquerra)

    6.        Judge Dredd (Art by Dermont Power)                                                                      69.      Judge Fear (Art by Dean Ormston)

    7.        Judge Dredd (Art by Cliff Robinson)                                                                         70.      Black Widow (Art by John Nicklenton)   

    8.        Judge Dredd (Art by Ron Smith)                                                                               71.      Fatties (Art by Jason Brashill)

    9.        Judge Dredd (Art by Greg Staples)                                                                           72.      Rico (Art by Ron Smith)

    10.      Judge Dredd (Movie)                                                                                                73.      Chopper (Art by Liam Sharp)

    11.      Judge Dredd (Movie)                                                                                                74.      Mrs. Gunderson (Art by Dean Ormston)

    12.      Judge Dredd (Movie)                                                                                                75.      Fatties (Art by Ron Smith)

    13.      Judge Dredd (Movie)                                                                                                76.      Sisters of Death (Art by Carlos Ezquerra)

    14.      Judge Dredd (Movie)                                                                                                77.      Book of the Dead (Art by Dermot Power)

    15.      Judge Dredd (Movie)                                                                                                78.      Captain Skank (Art by Siku)

    16.      Judge Dredd (Movie)                                                                                                79.      Rico (Art by Trevor Hairsine)

    17.      Judge Dredd (Movie)                                                                                                80.      Raptaur (Art by Dean Ormston)

    18.      Judge Dredd (Movie)                                                                                                81.      Judge Death (Art by Greg Staples)

    19.      Mean Machine (Art by Carl Critchlow)                                                                      82.      Checklist (Front)

    20.      Mean Machine (Art by Ron Smith)                                                                             82b.    Checklist (Back)

    21.      Mean Machine (Art by Jason Brashill)

    22.      Mean Machine (Art by Frank Quitely)                                                                        Acclaim Video Game playing Tips:

    23.      Mean Machine (Art by Steve Sampson)                                                                       ABC War Robot

    24.      Mean Machine (Art by Mike McMahon)                                                                      Gila Munja

    25.      Mean Machine (Art by Carl Critchlow)                                                                         Hall of Justice

    26.      Mean Machine (Art by Dean Ormston)                                                                         Judge Death

    27.      Mean Machine (Art by Trevor Hairsine)                                                                        Judge Fire

    28.      Angel Gang (Movie)                                                                                                      Lawmaster

    29.      Angel Gang (Movie)                                                                                                      Mean Machine

    30.      Angel Gang (Movie)                                                                                                      Rico

    31.      Mean & Pa (Movie)                                                                                                      Zed

    32.      Dredd & Mean (Movie)

    33.      Dredd & Mean (Movie)

    34.      Mean Machine (Movie)

    35.      Dredd & Mean (Movie)

    36.      Mean Machine (Movie)

    37.      ABC War Robot (Art by Jason Brashill)

    38.      Fink & Ratty (Art by Mike McMahon)

    39.      ABC War Robot (Art by Steve Sampson)

    40.      Angel Gang (Art by Mike McMahon)

    41.      ABC War Robot (Art by Chris Halls)

    42.      Fink & Ratty (Art by Jason Brashill)

    43.      ABC War Robot (Art by Trevor Hairsine)

    44.      Fink & Ratty (Art by Greg Staples)

    45.      ABC War Robot (Art by Mike McMahon)     

    46.      ABC War Robot (Movie)

    47.      Ilsa Hayden (Movie)

    48.      Lawmasters (Movie)

    49.      Hall of Justice (Movie)

    50.      ABC War Robot (Movie)

    51.      Ilsa Hayden (Movie)

    52.      Hall of Justice (Movie)

    53.      Janus Project (Movie)

    54.      ABC War Robot (Movie)

    55.      Judge Anderson (Art by Mark Wilkinson)

    56.      Judge Hershey (Art by Cliff Robinson)

    57.      Judge Anderson (Art by Charles Gillespie)

    58.      Judge Hershey (Art by Dean Ormston)

    59.      Judge Anderson (Art by Arthur Ranson)

    60.      Judge Hershey (Art by Mike McMahon)

    61.      Judge Anderson (Art by Mick Austin)

    62.      Judge Hershey (Art by Trevor Hairsine)

    63.      Judge Anderson (Art by Jason Brashill)

    Reverse Art for cards 1 - 9 (Mike McMahon)

    Reverse Photo  for cards 10 - 18 (Movie Dredd)

    Reverse Photo for cards 19 - 27 (Movie Mean Machine)

    Reverse Photo for cards 28 - 36 (Movie Mean Machine)

    Reverse Art for cards 37 - 45 (Dean Ormston)

    Reverse Photo for Cards 46 - 54 (Movie ABC War Robot)

    Reverse Art for Cards 55 - 63 (Art by Steve Sampson)

    Reverse Art for Cards 64 - 72 (Art by Dean Ormston)

    Reverse Art for Cards 73 - 81 (Art by Dean Ormston)


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