Mega-City News

Five new t-shirts and mugs, 3 wallets and a Judge Dredd flag from



SDCC 2015 3A exclusives Gronk and Judge Fish clean version.

3A Weathered Judge Fish and Gronk

3A Comic book version Judge Fish and Gronk



Exclusives from 2000ad at San D   



Exclusive Judge Dredd cap for Glasgow Comic Con 2015.



Judge Dredd Add-on to Topps Mars Attacks card Kickstarter. Minimum pledge $10 and the another $50 for the Dredd add-on.



June 2015 Zbox bundle from Zavvi. Dredd Steelbook, keyring, replica badge and exclusive Underbelly comic cover for £42.




Judge Anderson PSI mug PX Exclusive.



Judge Dredd Mezco PX Exclusive Cursed Earth variant.




New Cushions (£20.99) and Bar Runners (12.99)  from L&S Prints.



New 3A figure Sam Slade. Available from Bambaland store 30/04/2015/



Eagle cufflinks available from Planet Replicas soon. Priced at £8.99 + shipping.


Judge Death mini bust. Available from Dark World Creations on 17/04/2015. Limited to 100 pieces.



Dredd Mondo cover steelbook. Exclusive to Bestbuy in Canada. Plenty on ebay though.


New Dark World Creations Judge Dredd bust 1/10 limited to 100 units £38.40.


New Dredd shirt from Trevco.



More new mugs from Plastichead £10 each plus shipping.



Rogue Trooper Beanie £10 plus shipping



Phone, Ipad and Laptop skins from Diablo Skinz £9.95 - £39.99




Judge Joyce badge from Planet Replicas £30 plus shipping.


New skate decks coming soon (May) from Heroin Boards $55 plus shipping each.




Zenith slip case for the set of four hardback editions. Available from the 2000ad webshop £15 plus shipping.





New from forbidden Planet two t-shirts and Henry Flint signed hardback Urban Warfare book with exclusive print.





New T-shirts, Blanket and Bandana from Trevco.






New mugs and an Iphone 5 cover from Plastichead




Two new box sets from Mongoose publishing. £30 each from their website.



The Brutania Chronicles Exclusive Bookplate edition. Available only in the 2000ad shop £21.99 + postage.


Four new 2000ad art prints available only to 2000ad subscribers through the 2000ad website.



New Judge Dredd on lawmaster diaroma. Limited to 250 units and exclusively available through their website.


Four New shirts and A2 poster available exclusively from the 2000ad web shop.

New figure in the Dark World Creations 2000ad 70mm range. Citi-Def Trooper.



New hardback of classic Dredd stories. Fortnightly subscription available at


New covers.


Free subscriber gifts.




New replica badges from £30 each and £6.99 keyring + postage.





Six new mugs from Plastichead £10 each. Available 20/10/2014.



New 2000ad Hoodie and T-shirts from






SDCC 14 exclusive Elephantmen/Dredd/Strontium Dog print


New Funko Dredd figure available in September


New mugs from Priced at £7.50 each plus postage. Available 22/09/14.




Exclusive t-shirt for the London Film and Comic Con 2014. Limited run of 20.



Three new t-shirts (top 3 pictures), 2 Jock posters and a base ball cap. All exclusive to SDCC 2014. $130 the lot.





Teaser from 3A. announce new Dark Judge T-shirts coming soon.




Latest shirt from £20 + p&p.


New T-shirts available from £13.50 each.



Judge Dredd on his MK1 Lawmaster is a limited edition release with only 100 units worldwide!

Dark World Creations is proud to announce Judge Dredd on his MK1 Lawmaster in 70mm

Dredd is the most feared judge in Mega City One. Dredd is armed with a Lawgiver, which fires 6 types of ammunition. Dredd patrols the streets of Mega City One on his MK1 Lawmaster bike.

Mega City One is one of the three areas to survive the nuclear war of 2070. It extends along most of the eastern American seaboard. Millions are crammed into skyscraper apartment blocks where unemployment is extensive and crime is of epidemic proportions. Only the Judges guard the city from complete anarchy.
They are Judge…Jury…and Executioner.

This model is based on the iconic 80’s version of Dredd and was inspired by stories such as Block Mania and artists such as Brian Bolland and Mike McMahon.

Sculpted by David Richardson

Cast in detailed resin, this 70mm figure measures approximately 75mm in height sitting on the MK1 Lawmaster. The MK1 Lawmaster is approximately
108mm in length and 26mm in width.




From Mega-City One Justice Dept comes this Trooping friendly baton.

Ideal for persuading Perps to obey the Law !!

  • Neoprene Foam outer

  • Semi rigid core

  • Light weight - easy to take on long patrol duties

  • Trooping Safe- Allowable in Convention venues

  • Finger Loop for additional safety while Patrolling

  • Metal details

  • Justice Dept Logo

Utility Belt holder to be offered shortly !






The British Library is holding a "Comics Unmasked" event 2014.An exclusive Dredd t-shirt is available for £25.

Also available are some comic postcards which include a 2000ad and zenith cover £5.



Latest figures from Dark World Creations




Last exit to nowhere Dredd cap £12.




Two Brass Sun t-shirts available only in the 2000ad web shop for £15



Dredd the illustrated script and visuals. Top pictures shows the exclusive to 2000ad webshop hardback edition limited to 500 copies.


37th anniversary T-shirt exclusive to the 2000ad website shop £15.


Two new figures from Dark World Creations. Judge Mortis in 70mm and Judge Death in 30mm

New style boxsets from Mongoose Publishing and Warlord Games.




Dredd Underbelly merchandise from Forbidden Planet.

Shirt £15.99    Mug £6.99    Travel Pass Holder £2.99

Fantasy Realms Dredd bust. Sculpted by Michael White £60 plus postage.

Dark World Creations 70mm scale Judge Death £34.80 plus postage.

Judge Dredd miniature game starter set from Mongoose Publishing for £75




Available from the 2000ad shop £10.99




New T-shirt from Last Exit to Nowhere £18



Exclusive Mars Attacks vs Judge Dredd Stan Lee Comikaze comic. 1st November 2013


Judge Death badge from





New Slaine shirts from



Funko Dredd


Dredd 3D soundtrack on vinyl

available at

Judge Anderson Figure from


New Judge Dredd games rule book from

also new miniatues in a new design box.



Three new t-shirt designs from




Next in the 70mm scale range from Dark World Creations is Durham Red.

Priced at £34.80



Slaine 30th Anniversary  T-Shirt by Mike Mcmahon.

Exclusive to the 2000ad shop priced £17.




New Mark 1 Lawgiver from Planet Replicas £125 + P&P.

1:1 Judge Dredd Lawgiver Mk1 - Planet Replicas Ltd




New t-shirt designs from Forbidden Planet £15.99 each



70mm Slaine figure from Dark World Creations £34.80. First 30 purchased come with a print of the above signed by Pat Mills.



Two new exclusive 2000ad shirts from the 2000ad website shop £15 each.



New movie style Dredd badge keyring from Planet Replicas £8.99 + £2.50 p&p



Dark World Creations have released a new 35mm range. First of which are

Judge Dredd

Judge Giant

PSi Judge Male




New T-shirts for 2013. Coming soon.


Manta prowl tank available to pre-order at for £99.99.

Red label "Complete Carlos Ezquerra". Limited to 250 copies. Priced at $125. UK buyers be aware of the $60 shipping costs.

Brian Bolland red label. Limited to 350 copies priced at $125.



Carlos Ezquerra blue label. Limited to 25 copies priced at $495.


Available from




New from at £29.99. Mask coming soon.


Judge Dredd flight bag (£25) and 2000AD Mini reporters bag (£15). Both available from 29/04/2013.




Available from the 2000ad shop from 20th February till the 5 March priced £16.99.


2000ad / Dredd cap available from at £17


Judge Dredd Cosplay Penguin

Available from

Price $40


Rare collected Nemesis the Warlock available Sept 2013. £30

Exclusive version available only at £40

Available to pre-order on 25/02/13 limited to 275 pieces.

Death Sentence edition (three different heads)  limited to 125 pieces.

Rogue Trooper kickstarter.


£34.80 + p&p from Dark World Creations



Nice Strontium Dog Shirts and Hoodie from Plastic Head




Six new Dredd shirts from Urban Clothing £11 - £14


Wooden effect Nemesis figure. Available from 2000ad shop £11 + P&P.




Three New Dredd T-shirt designs from £13.50 each


Plastic Rogue Trooper model from




Great Nemesis figure from Pete Fowler. $28.50 plus shipping.

New 4GB Rogue Trooper "Gunner" usb sticks from Planet Replicas £11.99 + Postage. Limited Edition (100) varient available too £13.99 + shipping.

Bagman and Helm also to be released soon.


Brand New Judge Dredd t-shirts sold exclusively in Canada from

Click on the "New" section

Costing 25 canadian dollars each plus postage.

Buying all 6 cost me 44 canadian dollars in postage.

15% off your first order with code "firstorder15"



Charity figure from the up Judge Minty fan film. Also if you donate more than £35 they will give you the Minty sign figure too. Only while stocks last. Heres how.

Make a donation to one or both of the dedicated justgiving pages

Then send an email to

Include your name, address and justgiving receipt number. Include the finish you would like too (Metal or Trollcast).

Suggested donation is £15 per miniature. The miniatures should be despatched Feburary.



Well now you know. Propstore will be selling the Dredd goodies.


Exciting news from the guys at Planet Replicas for upcoming Rogue Trooper Merchandise.




Amazing new shirts etc from



New Judge Dredd t-shirt from Mondo ( Priced at $25.99 + $12.99 postage to the UK. Sold out.


New Mondo poster limited to 275 drawn by Jock to celebrate the new film. Ebay will be the place to go for this.

Pledge your money towards these fantastic miniatures. The more people get on board the more miniatures will get produced. These models now include Pat Wagons and a Manta Prowl Tank. You can also have a model of yourself made and included in the scenario. Hurry as pledges need to be in by 13 October.

Planet Replicas have released a cool Judge Death Metal Key ring for £9.99.

Two new limited edition pint mugs exclusive from 2000ad shop. Features Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson. Priced at £10 each. The last mugs on the shop sold out really quickly.

Judge Death Plush. Available from 2000ad shop priced at £8.99. This is another limited edition.


Hardback "The Art of Judge Dredd" books. Featuring favourite covers from 2000ad of artists, creators and fans. The latter book is an alternative cover exclusively available from the 2000ad shop priced at £50.